Connecting to Eduroam with Apple Iphone or Ipad

Automatic Setup The preferred way of setting up the eduroam SSID on any operating system is connecting to the wireless network “eduroam-instructions” then downloading the cloudpath utility that can be found at The utility sets up the SSID automatically with little input from you. For users in the residence halls, use this link to automatically […]

Troubleshooting Eduroam for IOS devices

Certificate Prompt Note: If you have recently changed you Salukinet password, forget the eduroam network and connect again.  Make sure your siu account is not locked, due to wifi reconnection attempts after you changed Salukinet password. If you believe your account is locked please contact SalukiTech.  Forgetting the network Check VPN entries Try these steps if you have forgotten the network but eduroam is […]

Obtain access to a shared network file share via SMB on a iOS device.

Download a third-party file management app to access and browse Windows shares or any other file systems. There are quite a few of these available on the App Store. I used FileExplorer Free The application is free and works well. Launch the app, tap the + button, and tap Windows to add a Windows network […]

Office 365 for iOS Devices