Self Service Registration Guide

New Students New students will need to have claimed their Network ID at before they can log into Salukinet. Here is our guide on how to claim your Network ID: If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password with this guide: We also have a Salukinet tutorial here: If […]

How do faculty enter grades?

Overview Official grade submission for undergraduate and graduate courses is done online by the primary instructor for a course section using Self-Service Banner (SSB) after logging into SalukiNet.  The information below will help you to do that appropriately. If you need help entering grades for the semester please visit this link for more information.

How to Obtain an Unofficial Transcript

Navigate to and sign in using the ‘Sign in’ button in the upper right space of the page. The screen will look like the image below. Once signed in, type ‘unofficial transcript’ in the search box and press the ‘Enter key’ or the red magnifying glass. Select the ‘View Your Unofficial Transcript’ option that […]

How do I access my 1098-t tax form?

1. Login to with your Network ID (SIU85xxxxxxx) and password 2. In the search at top, search for 1098 t Additional Information: