Microsoft Software Center for Windows

Overview Managed software for SIU-owned Windows PCs may be delivered thru Microsoft Software Center for self-service installation. The experience is similar to a mobile app store: Installing Managed Software 1. Connect to Campus Network: If working on campus, connect to the Ethernet wired network or eduroam wireless network. If working remotely or on a private campus […]

SAS 9.4M7 for Windows: Manual Installation

Installing SAS 1. Uninstall Previous InstallationsOpen an elevated command prompt, uninstall any previous SAS 9.4 installations, and remove the SASHOME folder. Once the uninstall is complete, clean up any previous installations: 2. InstallerClose all running applications, then open the setup.exe installer. 3. Choose LanguageClick OK. 4. Select Deployment TaskSelect Install SAS Software, then click Next. […]