Adding Subscribers from a Listserv

Listserv owners can add and Add subscribers through the Listserv site. All methods of removing subscribers are listed below to accommodate personal preference. Only the owner of a list can add or remove subscribers.

Using the Listserv Website

  1. Go to ? and select Log In in the upper right.
  2. Enter your login information.
  3. Click on the List Management menu.
  4. Click Subscriber Management.
  5. Choose a list to perform the operations on.
  6. Enter the email of the desired subscriber in the “Add New Subscriber” textbox.
  7. Select the radio button to send an email notification or not.
  8. Click on “Add to LIST-NAME-L”

Adding Subscribers in Bulk

  1. Click on the List Management menu.
  2. Click on Subscriber Management.

  1. Choose a list.
  2. Click on the orange Bulk Operations tab.
  3. Select the appropriate Add option.
  4. Attach a file containing the email addresses you wish to remove.

Note: The file must be in a .txt (text file) format. a. Click Browse.

7. Click Import.

Creating a File for Bulk Operations

Users can upload files to Listserv to add or remove subscribers from lists in bulk. The files created must be in a .txt (text format) file. If you are unsure of how to format the file properly, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open an ASCII text editor (i.e., Notepad).
  2. Enter the email addresses you would like to add/remove from a list in bulk.
    • Names corresponding to email addresses can be added in parentheses on the same line. (Firstname Lastname)

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3. Once the desired emails and names have been added, save the file                 as a .txt. (Notepad saves files in this format by default).

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